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Every girl's wish is to have the most sparkly engagement and wedding ring their is to buy. But if I told you that you can now buy a wedding ring that makes you feel you're partners heartbeat would you believe this existed.? At the start of me finding this information out I was not really convinced this was a real thing or even a type of ring I would want. But when researching this a little more I was convinced that everyone should have this for their wedding ring.! Still not sure? well think about it this way when you're...

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Everybody has that one piece of apparel they can’t live without. The LBD that works for every occasion. The perfectly broken-in pair of jeans you practically live in. Your favorite pair of heels that you can wear all day long — pain-free. But when you think about your most indispensable pieces, where do glasses fall on your list? If you’re nearsighted or farsighted, you literally need your glasses. But aside from strict necessity, sometimes nothing can finish off an outfit like the perfect pair of specs. These versatile little items can have personalities all their own. Tortoiseshell or horn-rimmed, gaudy...

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